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A rabbit show has been held successfully at Stithians for 20 years and is organised by a working committee which is supported by Fanciers (Rabbit exhibitors) all over the country.

In our tent we have two 3 star shows, one for adult stock (that is for a fully grown rabbit) and an under five months show for young rabbits.

Juveniles (over 5 and under 16) have an opportunity to exhibit in a “certificate of merit” class as well as in the main show.

We also have a pet section for adults and children to show their rabbits, these do not have to have rings on their legs.

The rabbits have rings on their legs which are put on at an early age. They have a letter which is relevant to the breed, the year they were born and 5 numbers.  The details of that ring is registered with the B.R.C. so that the owner and the breeder can be recognised.

The show is held under BRC (British Rabbit Council) rules.  We have a B.R.C. advisor in our tent to advise on all aspects of keeping rabbits whether they are show stock or pets.

The rabbit is the third most popular pet in England.  If you are interested in showing your pet or becoming a “fancier” contact one of our committee members or speak to the advisor.

For information on competing and for schedules please click here

Some very sad news from the Rabbit Section of the Show.

There have been two outbreaks of the very virulent Viral Haemorrhagic Disease, in Devon (Dawlish and Teignmouth).

As a result the Section has taken the difficult, but eminently sensible, decision to cancel the Rabbit Section for 2016 rather than have a depleted section and certainly to avoid any likelihood of avoidable spread.

We are advised that there is no risk to human health.

It is expected that the Rabbit Section will be back in full force next year.