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Open Dog Show

Held under Kennel Club Rules & Regulations.


In 1970 Mr C J Bell(who became a KC Liaison Representative in 1973) was invited by Stithians President (Mr J R Williams) & the Chairman (Mr T Paget) to a meeting to help and advise on the setting up of a KC Licensed Dog Show. A meeting was set up and Officers and Committee were formed the Chairman Mrs A Lewindon, Secretary Miss S M Carkeek. Committee: Messrs. Dubbin, J Bray, T Paget, J Pascoe & C J Bell. Mesds. Harry, N Leah, FA Russell, & M Brush.

In 1971 the first show was a Limited Members Show (confined to Dog Section Members) with 37 classes and a total of 327 entries from 181 dogs.

Chairman and Secretary positions were:-

1971- 1974 Ch. Mrs A Lewindon,  Sec. Miss S M Carkeek

1975- 1977 Ch. Mr C J Bell           Sec. Mrs  F A Russell

1978- 1980 Ch. Mr C J Bell           Sec. Mrs J Baker

1981- 2001 Ch. Mr C J Bell   joint  Secs. Mr C J and Mrs P Bell

Mr and Mrs Bell held their positions until 2001. This was the year when the Show was cancelled due to Foot and Mouth Disease.

In 2002 both Mr and Mrs Bell retired.

In 2002 Ch. Mrs June Trethowan and Sec. Miss Nicky Mackie took their new positions.

In 2004 Ch. and Sec. Mrs J Trethowan - a position still held.

The Show has been a success through the years with judges from  Australia in 1976. Judges have been engaged from the USA, Australia, Canada, Spain, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Finland, Holland, Ireland and every corner of the UK.

We have been blessed with an excellent Marquee with the advantage of having the choice of cover for wet and dry weather. It is always a joy to meet exhibitors old and new, most enjoying our caravan facilities (Dog Section only).

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