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Dog Agility

Since 2009 the dog agility show has been kindly organised by Carn Brea Agility Club and their members. The show starts around 9am and will continue without a break all day.

Visitors will be able to spend a while relaxing and watching the boundless enthusiasm of the dogs as they literally bounce around the courses. It is clear that they enjoy taking part just as much as we enjoy watching them.

There may be a space to sit and watch but be warned, the event is always very popular and you might have to wait for a seat to become available!

The agility is a Limited Agility Show held under Kennel Club regulations. The entry is limited to 150 dogs of all shapes and sizes. Handlers and their dogs come from all over the South West to compete and we regularly see competitors from as far afield as Bristol.

You will see Small, Medium and Large dogs running over different heights. The dogs all have to be measured before they can compete to determine which class they need to enter. There are two different types of class, Agility which contains the large contact equipment (so called because the dog should make contact with the white painted area) and Jumping which excludes the contact equipment.

There are seven grades to progress through in dog agility starting with the less experienced Grade 1 right up to the championship Grade 7. Our show caters for all of these grades.

For information on competing and for schedules please click here