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Welcome to the Cavy Section, which are also known as Guinea Pigs.   Guinea pigs are beautiful, bright, vocal animals and very popular pets. The Cavy Section is open all day, to members of the general public, until 5 pm. Judging commences at 10.00 am and is in progress throughout the day.

There are many breeds of Guinea pigs on show from the Self Cavy which is a smooth haired guinea pig and for showing purposed must be one colour. The Non Self varieties may also be smooth haired in various colours, or they can be long haired or have rosettes. Cavies have hair not fur and it can be straight, curly or frizzy.

The Cavy Section Show for 2018 will be the largest Cavy Show in Cornwall for 2018 and is a National Cavy Club 5 STAR Show.  Stithians has been chosen as one of the few venues in the country to host one of their prestigious points shows.

Points can only be collected from these shows and points are awarded in all breed classes and Points Trophies are awarded to the exhibitors who has gained most points in each breed at the end of the year.  It is an annual competition run and is awarded to the breeder, not the individual cavy.  Perpetual Points Trophies are awarded to the exhibitor who gains the most points in the following sections: Self, Non Self, Guide Standard, New and Emerging Junior Pure Bred and Pets.

Don't forget to collect your stars -

We are offering a full schedule to support the Points Show and our Judges are Ian Reynolds and Julie Gallagher.

The Pet Section which is very popular is divided into classes for the Adult Exhibitors and Child Exhibitors. Guinea pigs entered in this section are judged only on cleanliness, fitness and friendliness and can be any age, variety or colour. Our judge is Luke Holmes.

The Novice Pet Show is a separate Section to the open show and is open to anyone who has never shown before and who has never won a 1st prize card.  We would like to welcome everyone who has a pet guinea pig to enter and be part of our day at Stithians Show.  Help and advice will be available on show day to all newcomers in the art of preparing and showing your pet. If you have a pet that is fat and friendly and bit of a character we would love to meet you. Entries for this Section ONLY can be taken on the morning of the show.

Stithians show is one of the few shows offering Guaranteed Prize money, which is awarded to all classes.

Trophies will be awarded to Section winners as well as rosettes to 3rd place.  The National Cavy Club will also be awarding Rosettes to the winners.

We are entertaining the Western Area Fanciers who are making a very welcome return to the show.

The judges are to be Mr T O'Neill and Nicky Matthews.

Teddy Rosette Show for all the Teddy breeders to be judged by Ian Reynolds.

The Guinea Pig Photographic Competition was introduced to the Cavy Section last year, and created a lot of interest with nearly a hundred entries.  We are inviting all keen photographers to enter your favourite photographs of your guinea pigs.  If you are unable to attend on show day and you wish to enter the Photographic Competition we will be pleased to accept you entries by post, and stage them for you on show day. (Please include a stamped addressed envelope with your entry and we will forward any prize cards and prize money).

    Points will be awarded for each Photograph as follows


Maximum size including frame to be no larger than A4 and no smaller than 6 x 4 inches

Judge: Paul Hughs

Rosettes and prize cards awarded to all class winners – Trophy awarded for best photograph.

Penning is available on Sunday evening the 15th July from 7 pm to 9 pm and Monday morning from 7 am.

We welcome any enquiries if you wish to enter any of these classes please do not hesitate to contact the Section Secretary for advice (cavies@stithiansshow.org.uk).

Cavy Show


Point available

Good, sharp photograph




Size of Subject


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